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Harlock White Furniture Range

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Test Subject #362 Mirror Lab Puzzles Answers & Solutions

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Now go forth and astound us all with your devious profiles! Lady Meredith. Newest Deviations. Browse Gallery. Browse Favourites. Share a Status Update with your watchers! Preview Post Status. Play your Dire Mole on the right side. Ping one of the opposing Stonetusk Boar s. Fireball the remaining one. Puzzle 7 — Shields up!

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The same year it was published a single-volume comic adaptation cured by Sekai Bunkasha. The Last Czars. August 22, at am. Puzzle 7 — Shields up! Email Address. Bandit

Play the Stonetusk Boar in the middle. Buff both Boars with your Defender of Argus. Kill the Frostwolf Grunt with your Boar on the right side. Use Holy Smite on your right Yeti. Use Dark Pact on one of the tentacles. Cast Forbidden Ritual. Trade your own ghoul into the Bloodfen Raptor. Cast Arcane Explosion. Kill it with Shadow Word: Death. Use your hero power to finish it off. Use Elven Archer on your own right Gurubashi Berserker. Cast Volcanic Potion. Ping your own Gurubashi Berserker on the right. Use Holy Smite on your own Faceless Behemoth.

Puzzle 7 — Aha! Place Sorcerer's Apprentice on the left side of Archmage Antonidas. Cast your Arcane Intellect for two mana. Place Sorcerer's Apprentice on the right side of Archmage Antonidas.

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Cast Molten Reflection on one of your Apprentices. Cast your Arcane Intellect for zero mana. Use Holy Smite on your own Wargear. Use Holy Smite on your own Rusty Recycler. Heal your own Spider Tank with your hero power. Cast Circle of Healing.

Cast Darkbomb on another egg. Cast Hellfire. Use Holy Smite on your own Boulderfist Ogre. Heal your own War Golem with your hero power. Shiv your own Questing Adventurer. Eviscerate your own Wisp. Kill own Kobold Geomancer with your Moonfire. Feel free to use Innervate for style points. Play Bolvar Fordragon. Cast Cosmic Projection. Play the Coin. Cast Consecration. Use Shrinkmeister on the Cabal Shadow Priest. Cast Whirlwind. Use your hero power. Puzzle 4 — Deathwing Dilemma Cast Confuse. Play Radiant Elemental. Use Light of the Naaru on your Wild Pyromancer.

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Use Holy Smite on your Wargear. Heal your Wild Pyromancer with your hero power.

Harlock White Furniture Range

Use Vivid Nightmare on your Wild Pyromancer. Cast Spirit Lash. Puzzle 5 — Infestation! Cast Charge on the Animated Berserker. Play Dirty Rat. Swap hands. Hit the healthy Dirty Rat with the Animated Berserker.


Mirror Dr. Use Kidnapper on a Sea Giant.

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Cast Recycle on one of the Ultrasaur. Use a coin to replay Archbishop Benedictus. He will get copied by the Mirror Entity. Kill the Loot Hoarder with the Ice Rager. Use Healing Wave to kill the remaining Ultrasaur. Trade your Auchenai Soulpriest for the Reckless Rocketeer. Play Boots of Haste.

Cast Toxic Arrow on the Dire Mole. Cast Betrayal on the Dire Mole.

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