The Clueless Investigator: A Conversion Story

Stacey Dash's evolution from 'Clueless' star to conservative pundit
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Until then, I really knew nothing about the LDS religion.

e-book The Clueless Investigator: A Conversion Story

He may have already announced his intention to run for President. What I remember is this, thinking to myself, are you kidding me? I felt an immediate distrust of him. Plus, the every hair in place, cheesy smile, and perfect family, well, it all just seemed a little creepy to me. Have I offended you yet? I really hope not. Maybe a little too happy, but that could be due to my small representative sampling. I like to consider myself educated. I practiced law for 6 years, mostly as a criminal prosecutor handling felony cases drugs, rapes, child sex abuse, domestic violence, and 1 juvie homicide.

Which leads me to this finally , the topic of my post. It needs re-working. Because, let me tell you, that term, to me, has a lot of negative connotations associated with it. Something gone wrong. Something that needs uncovering in a bad way, not a good way. Your Elders have both written on it and spoken about it. Get out there, they tell you.

Spread the word. Let everyone see how normal we are. Put out the right information or else everyone will just take all the misinformation as truth. All good advice. Bad advice.

So, where do this term and your faith intersect? Where did the practice start? No definition, no reference. Well, because of course, the term is so widely used in your LDS religion and its practice, that the term needs no other definition. It is merely accepted. Detectives investigate. Police officers investigate.


Investigative reporters investigate. And what do they all have in common? It is off-putting. I have found that your Church leaders are very concerned with nomenclature.

Specialized tasks

There is a whole page, several paragraphs long, on the LDS. Names are important.

They set the tone. They tell you something. Yours is a great religion to get to know. More people should give you a chance. Perhaps you should start by giving those who come to you with questions a more appropriate name.

Investigators clueless on identity of bank thieves

It may go a long way towards relationships versus suspicions. And with that thinking, Mormons will always be the ones with the weird underwear. I displayed his button on my blog. I put a sticker on my car. Now I pray that he is chosen by McCain as his running mate.

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Liz Sartori always had a curious a child, it got her into trouble. As an adult, it took her west where shetraded her Catholic upbringing for life as a what a life it has been!The. The Clueless Investigator: A Conversion Story [Liz Sartori] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Liz Sartori always had a curious mind.

Undergarments and all. Just the justification I was looking for! Now I can claim that my grumpiness makes investigators. In the frequent discussions of missionary work that goes on both in training as well as within the church, there is a great need for a word that describes the set of all people who are looking into the church. There does have to be some word.

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The confusion would significantly reduce any potential benefit gained from the shift in terminology. Another question might be whether there should be distinct terms for someone who wants to learn more about the religion in a purely detached, informational way say for example a reporter who has just been assigned to report on LDS issues and someone who really is a potential convert.

Maybe the idea behind the term investigator was trying to be not making too many assumptions about whether the person will really join, as an attempt to be polite. I think investigator is a step up from stranger. Maybe we can move on to Friend or Interested Party or Aileen. I agree with Cynthia L. I wonder if your association with the word has something to do with your career?

Paul Rudd Reveals Crazy Behind the Scenes Clueless Story!

Honestly, I picture a bunch of kids going on an adventure when I hear that word. But, I might be very, very odd. Great post. Some of the words do seem strange. However, there are situations where there are no words. I was very embarrassed on her behalf. Thanks, Aileen. This is a thought-provoking post, and I had not considered it previously.

Second, Going to Church

Lester Latte It's part of the history of this event and any honest LDS person or investigator who wants to dig deeper into this issue is going to learn about this aspect of the Church's campaign to suppress Palmer's book and punish Palmer for telling the truth. Since then, different defence ministers, including George Fernandes, had asserted that their inquiries revealed there were no more defence middlemen operating in India. To find the one thing that will win him the girl of his dreams, a boy delves into the story of a grumpy forest creature who fights to protect his world. Not just centred, but scrapped and fought over. She implored women to "work harder" to close the wage gap and called government assistance programs the Democrats' version of "slavery. Una mujer celosa trata por varios medios de matar a su infiel marido pero por error asesina a otras personas. Retrieved January 27,

I probably will share this with our Stake Missionary Committee in our next meeting. I wondered whether proselyte as a noun might work, since we use that word as a verb in our lexicon already. Unfortunately, the word has the connotation of one who has already converted. I agree that investigator is problematic. But we absolutely have to have a way of talking intelligetnly about that class of people. Yes, I remember when I heard someone mention the investigator, meaning me, I thought briefly that potential converts had to have background checks and they were assigned an investigator to make sure they would make good members before we were allowed to join.

I do agree that the word has bad connotations. A better one would probably catch on if we came up with one and started using it consistently.