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Kotlin is a statically typed language with conciseness and readability as major goals. It also attempts to solve one of the biggest problems of the Java world: NullPointerException. It does so by making nullability part of the type system and enforcing the developers to think about it explicitly. Another aspect that makes it a top tier language is the fact that the authors attempt to bring the best features available in other languages into Kotlin itself.

To name a few:. Here are some Kotlin snippets as a sneak peek. Subscribe to our blogs now. RX RelationXips — who are you connected to? Languages United Kingdom Portuguese. Join us. Shortcodes Ultimate Talk with us.

Project Bright Future ... Creating Opportunities for Our Youth

Xpand IT Visionaries. Picture this odd world called The JVM. Now, this is the case for Kotlin. The most common approaches to adopting Kotlin are: Re-write Java unit tests with Kotlin. Some advocate this as a good approach to dip your toes into Kotlin while not putting your production code at risk. However, from my perspective, tests should be using production code. Our attention is subtly being diverted from our deeper purpose in life to the more superficial attractions of sex, consumerism, and money.

When we succumb to fear, secrecy, and polarization, and when we lose touch with our sense of purpose in life, elements of the global elite are able to exert ever more control over our lives and world. Towards a Brighter Future. What can we do about all this? Ultimately, it is the collective fear, secrecy, polarization, and loss of purpose within all of us that has allowed leaders to take power who would subvert democracy, and who would take away our freedoms and liberties.

By each one of us making a commitment to work on these issues both inside of ourselves and out in the world — and to inspire others to do the same — we are changing our collective direction and building a solid foundation for a brighter future. Several actions can help us to take firm steps in that direction.

Develop purpose and intentions for your life. To live rich, full lives in today's complex world, it's vitally important to give your life clear direction by exploring what is deepest and most meaningful to you, and by developing life purpose and intentions based on this. Then choose to live your intentions and follow your purpose to the best of your ability every day. By choosing to live with clear direction and focus, life becomes deeper and more meaningful.

This then weakens the seduction of consumerism and media hype which distract us from our purpose, and allows us to more effectively focus on building a brighter future. Choose to transform fear into acceptance and love.

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When we notice ourselves feeling fear, we can trace the roots of that fear, so that we are able to identify our core challenges and deal more consciously with them. We can open to guidance from friends, teachers, and spiritual sources in helping us to move from fear to acceptance and understanding. We can also transform our fears through welcoming the ever-present love of our divine creator, and the love that lies always deep within our own hearts, and in the hearts of those around us.

In doing this, we begin to recognize fear as an invitation to growth. Become aware of when you are playing the role of victim, and choose instead to take personal responsibility for building a brighter future.

In blaming others for our problems, we often avoid taking responsibility for how much we are involved in creating these problems through the choices we make. Whenever we catch ourselves playing the role of victim by blaming others including the power elite for everything that's wrong in our lives, we can choose to take a look inside ourselves , and to explore and take responsibility for our role in what's happening.

Care for Brighter Futures: Iris' Story, Part 2

By focusing less on blaming others, and more on improving ourselves, every one of us can make a difference both in our lives and in our world. Avoid secrecy and encourage openness and transparency. An important way we can do this is to work together to inform friends and colleagues about the major cover-ups being hidden from the public. Then in our personal lives, when we notice ourselves keeping information from others, we can examine our motives for this secrecy. Are we withholding information out of our own self-interest, or because this is really what's best for all involved?

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And on a deeper level, where are we avoiding being honest with ourselves? Move beyond polarization and the focus on "good vs. Something definitely had her rattled. In all the days I'd worked with her I had never seen her so upset.

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Something about her appearance looked I just got off the phone with this woman. My eyes widened in spite of myself. She must have been confused. This was an old paper; dated three days before Tonya's call to Brighter Futures would have been made. What are you talking about? Every conversation we have is recorded here.

Ryan, I swear it was her. I can't do this anymore today. I have to go home. Tell Nick or Gabe that I went home for the day okay? Something feels off; I just I'm taking one of my sick days. She kept looking over her shoulders; like she was being watched by something Her hands were fidgety and there were dark bags under her once sparkling green eyes.

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Tonya Daniel's daughter went missing the next day. I never got the chance to tell Jenny. She never showed back up at work. At the time, I figured that the calls had eventually rattled her enough to make her quit.

We didn't learn of her death until a few days later. I've made it my mission to try to find out as much information as I can her death. I was too cowardly to fight for her in life. I won't make the same mistake now that she's dead. If anyone has any information that can help Jenny; please come forward.

I don't care if I lose my job at this point. Something's not right with that place. It looks like there may be more to this story. Click here to get a reminder to check back later. Got issues? Click here. Comment replies will be ignored by me. Also, ghosts can call, right? But usually are too weak for long interactions, I thought? My guess?

That dude dug up this story, then impersonated Tonya knowing it would shake Jenny up just enough to make her want to go home. Even if she used a fake name over the phone, the newspaper would have published her real name.

Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights

This was a recollection of the last day she was with our company. She is very missed. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Indecipherable words Jenny: I'm sorry? I never saw her again after that; no one did.