The Annotated Raphaels Mundane Astrology (2013 Edition)

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The pleasure of this decan is thus blended because the next stop after this pleasant final ten degrees of Cancer is in Leo, whose first decan is governed by austere Saturn, reminding us that all good things must come to an end. Possible Keyword Delineation: Being overly Jupiter protected, nurtured and pampered Cancer can foster dependency Moon that limits your self-sufficiency, freedom to seek adventure and creative self- expression King of Wands. Dates: July 23 August 23 tropical ; August 17 September 16 sidereal. Sign Ruler: the Sun. Pip Cards: First Decan: 5 of Wands. Second Decan: 6 of Wands.

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Third Decan: 7 of Wands. Fifth Stop: LEO fixed pips 5, 6, 7. When Leo cards appear in a reading, it is wise to consider how well you have displayed leadership and creatively generated something that expresses your true self, without becoming excessively proud or arrogant.

Planetary Sign Ruler: The entire sign Leo is ruled by the fiery Sun, the fatherly life-giver Sun-king of the solar system.

Hence, issues of strength, fortitude, authority, creativity, prominence, radiance and leadership form a backdrop for understanding the pip cards of this sign. First decan of Leo, ruled by Saturn: Five of Wands - Strife On the Tree of Life the number 5 corresponds to Geburah Severity; conflict, struggle; the disruption of the realization of the actions in the 4 and the planet Mars initiative, war, strife, discord, combat, bloodshed, energetic activity and unadulterated self-interest. Saturn is a traditionally malefic planet known as the Great Taskmaster, Father Time, or the Grim Reaper the great heavy of the zodiac.

Saturns metal is dull weighty lead. Wherever Saturn appears, he usually indicates delays, abandonment, deprivation, dissatisfaction, burdens, setbacks, austerity, frustration, confrontation with harsh reality, lessons to be learned, a sense of loss and just plain hard work. In this decan, cold Saturn tends to feel out of place in the realm of the fiery Sun because Saturn cold and dry wants to contract, freeze, congeal, darken and extinguish vitality whereas the Sun hot and dry wants to expand, heat, thaw, illuminate and promote life.

Clearly these two planets are at odds but because Saturn is in his detriment in Leo, the Sun has the upper hand. The Sun and Saturn, however, share the quality of dryness, which corresponds to the tense interaction depicted in the Waite-Smith Five of Wands. Individuals with Saturn in Leo often experience a fear that they will not be sufficiently loved or admired and they feel inhibited about giving free rein to their creative self-expression.

Possible Keyword Delineation: You may be engaged in a struggle Geburah to assert yourself Mars and you may feel inhibited Saturn about creatively expressing your inner self Leo. Second decan of Leo, ruled by Jupiter: Six of Wands - Victory On the Tree of Life the number 6 corresponds to Tiphareth Beauty; harmony, accomplishment and achievements spurred by the disruption of the 5 and the Sun selfhood, power, majesty, honor, vitality, fun, creativity, self-expression, pride, confidence, exuberance, generosity, success.

Jupiter, the philandering king of the Olympian gods, expands whatever he touches; and he especially likes to touch beautiful women who catch his meandering eye. As the Wheel of Fortune, Jupiter offers success, honor and rewards to regal Leo. No wonder the Golden Dawn regarded this as a card of victory. Possible Keyword Delineation: Good fortune Jupiter , honor and success Tiphareth abound when you express yourself creatively and generously toward others Leo.

Third decan of Leo, ruled by Mars: Seven of Wands Valor On the Tree of Life the number 7 corresponds to Netzach Victory; a potential result; a transcendent force; a powerful crown in need of a capable and worthy monarch and the planet Venus love, affection, harmony, conciliation, beauty, pleasure, self- indulgence, material benefits, good fortune. The English word valor derives from the Latin verb valere, meaning to be strong.

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The sign Leo refers to the Strength trump and to the cardinal virtue of fortitude. Valor is the quality of a hero who displays boldness and determination in facing great danger.

The Knight of Pentacles, who resides in this decan, is noted for persistence and determination in pursuing his goals. When he makes a plan, he works doggedly toward its accomplishment. In contrast, Mars, who rules this decan, is known for his impatience, independence and assertiveness. The Knight of Pentacles tempers the impetuous nature of Mars and allows the war-god to display true valor as he battles for what he believes in.

For his part, Mars in the dramatic sign Leo can give the methodical Knight of Pentacles the self-confidence to strike out on his own and express himself creatively. Possible Keyword Delineation: You will emerge victorious Netzach if you valiantly fight Mars for that which is essential to your sense of identity Leo.

Dates: August 24 September 22 tropical ; September 17 October 16 sidereal.

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Weighting the important events made no difference, nor did changing the rules for selecting hits. The meridian 90 degrees due east of the Great Pyramid passes through the area of the Pacific Ocean and is ruled by Water and the suit of Cups. Second Decan: 9 of Pentacles. I also give the birth data for five subjects to see if readers can match them to 1 the case histories plus 2 correct specifics from Knegt's interpretations plus 3 Van Rossem's comments. If wars really do relate to downwards phases of the cyclic index and troughs in the planetary wave, the mean value of the planetary wave during downwards phases should be less than the mean value during upwards phases, but the reverse is true for the above plots 0. Lang: - English, Pages , Print on Demand. By the normally accepted definition the Age begins when the First Point of Aries in the tropical zodiac precesses either into the equal thirty degree division of the sidereal sign of Aquarius or into the unequal sidereal constellation of Aquarius.

Exalted: Mercury. Debilitated: Jupiter in detriment , Venus in fall. Pip Cards: First Decan: 8 of Pentacles.

Second Decan: 9 of Pentacles. Third Decan: 10 of Pentacles.

General Introduction

When Virgo cards appear in a reading, it is wise to consider whether you have been sufficiently cautious in attending to the details necessary to accomplish your material ambitions without becoming overly fussy or hypercritical. Planetary Sign Ruler: The entire sign Virgo is ruled by clever Mercury, the trickster messenger of the gods and the patron of merchants and thieves.

Because Mercury is exalted in Virgo, the Magician trump is doubly represented, emphasizing the need to utilize our skills, knowledge and self-confidence to make things happen in our lives. First decan of Virgo, ruled by the Sun: Eight of Pentacles - Prudence On the Tree of Life the number 8 corresponds to Hod Glory; isolated success not integrated with an overarching goal and the planet Mercury concrete mind, travel, communication, expression, curiosity, learning, logic, analysis, thinking, worry, restlessness, agility, speed, variety and diversity. This Knight of Pentacles, who resides here, is the most hard-working, levelheaded, methodical, cautious and sensible of all the Knights. He thinks carefully about what he wants, outlines a detailed plan and pursues his goals with painstaking determination. Prudence is his middle name. The Sun, which rules this decan, shines brightly on the Hermit and the Pentacle Knight, fostering their foresight and discretion. Only the most prudent of practitioners of ancient alchemy could develop the power to transmute the base metal lead into the suns metal, gold.

Prudence is truly a virtue. Second decan of Virgo, ruled by Venus: Nine of Pentacles Material Gain On the Tree of Life the number 9 corresponds to Yesod the Foundation; firmly established power; illusion; giver of form and the Moon maternal instincts, habit patterns, emotions, gut feelings, nurturing, inconstancy, dependency, home, family, tribe, inheritance, the past.

Crowley simply calls this card Gain. The industrious Knight of Pentacles also resides in the second decan of Virgo, a decan governed by the usually fun-loving Venus. Virgo as the Hermit suggests that Venus need to spend some alone to reflect on what she is doing. Virgo is also the sign of fall of Venus, so she is not able to be much of a party girl here. The Pentacles Knight and Venus form a complementary pair.

Because we are in the realm of Virgo and the prudent Hermit, Venus wisely restricts her spending to items of refinement and good taste. The Knight doesnt mind because he gets to live quite well and enjoys the finer things in life. Clearly, his money is being used wisely for material gain. Possible Keyword Delineation: Your desire for luxury, enjoyment and creature comforts Venus becomes a solitary pursuit Venus in fall performed in a discriminating, reflective and self-sufficient manner Virgo.

Third decan of Virgo, ruled by Mercury: Ten of Pentacles - Wealth On the Tree of Life the number 10 corresponds to Malkuth The Kingdom with its four elements and represents stability and the end result of the progression of the suit. Mercury is strong and happy here because the winged messenger of the gods rules and is exalted in earthy Virgo, whose third decan is also governed by Mercury. In his role as the Magician of the tarot, Mercury in down-to-earth Virgo utilizes his talents to assure family security, prosperity and financial stability.

Mercury was the ancient god of trade, and the modern word merchandise is named after him.

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The no-nonsense Queen of Swords, who resides here, sees to it that the methodical, precise and detail- oriented approach of Virgo is put to practical use. The sign Virgo, as the old Hermit or Father Time, possesses the wisdom to have amassed a legacy that will be available to the next generation. Virgos desire to be of service is reflected in the presence of the loyal dogs on the Waite-Smith Ten of Pentacles.

Possible Keyword Delineation: The end result 10 of your practical intelligence Mercury in Virgo meticulously applied to material resources Virgo is a situation of family security and financial stability Malkuth. Dates: September 23 October 23 tropical ; October 17 November 15 sidereal. Major Arcanum: Justice XI. Exalted: Saturn. Debilitated: Sun in fall , Mars in detriment.

Pip Cards: First Decan: 2 of Swords. Second Decan: 3 of Swords. Third Decan: 4 of Swords. When Libra cards appear in a reading, it is wise to consider how well you have examined your feelings to come to a fair and rational decision about a matter without becoming overly conciliatory or indecisive.