Laos: Background and U.S. Relations

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Mongolia and Nepal offer another relevant point of comparison. But the experience of Mongolia and Nepal as land-linked Asian countries does indicate that Laos has a great deal of room for growth. As the figures below indicate, both countries are reasonably successful exporters principally of clothes to the United States. The paper does not contain a conclusion, because I wanted it to be more of an informational piece than an advocacy piece.

But for the purposes of a talk, I feel there are two important points to make. First, it is highly anomalous that Laos does not have NTR. Clearly there are differences in the U. Second, Laos likely has a lot to gain from NTR: exposure to the world, higher living standards as villages are more able to sell food and traditional products, probably some international investment as in the case of Cambodia, some more ability for the Hmong and Lao community in the United States to see families and to bring their experience in business, education and so on to Laos.

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So my hope is that as Congress and the Administration debate the trade agenda in coming months, they will take some time to look at Laos and conclude that the time is right to ratify a trade agreement that has been waiting for five years and grant NTR. Thank you for some other fantastic article.

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A Voice for the Laotian Who do not have Voice As we say, people, they don't live only on rices, but freedom is very important element for human being to live in dignity and in equality. It takes up four questions: What is NTR status? Which countries have it and which do not?

What is Normal Trade Relations? These countries are treated in different ways: Cuba and Libya, are under full embargo, although there are some food and medicine exceptions in the Cuban case. Iran and Iraq are under partial embargos. The U. Iraq exports a fairly large volume of oil to the U.

The Lao government is strongly pushing ahead with different projects to better connect the country to the main transport networks of the region and integrate it into global value chains. In line with this belief, the Lao leadership has recently given the green light to a series of mega-projects. The infrastructure, a km high-speed rail link, will connect Yunnan Province in southern China with Vientiane, the Lao capital, and from there on with the already existing railways to Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore.

Due to the opacity that characterizes the two governments, however, the exact details of the financing agreement are not publicly known and we must reply on speculation. Currently, construction is proceeding ahead of schedule and is due to be completed by According to different ministerial sources, once completed it will allow to cut transport costs for Lao products up to 40 percent, will create thousand of jobs and will have the potential to transform the country in a regional distribution hub.

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Besides land links, the Lao leadership has been cooperating with China on internal and under-exploited waterways, especially in regard to the Mekong basin. Concretely, the plan consists of blasting large rocks and islets in the most perilous parts of the river especially in the Thai sector to allow the passage of tonne ships. If completed, the project would create a km direct aquatic route connecting Yunnan to Luang Prabang, the second biggest Lao city, strategically located in the north of the country.

To date, however, this project is apparently on hold after a campaign carried out by Thai citizens and environmental groups, which pushed the Thai government to withdraw its support. Enjoying this article?

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NTR and with its low labor and energy costs and tremendous amounts of arable land, Laos would be able to export to the United States processed tropical food, instant coffee, and other labor-intensive products such as shoes and leather items as well as some minerals. He developed an especially close relationship with a CIA case officer who had arrived in October and who was assigned to support neutralist Capt. For other Americans, opposing the government was considered unpatriotic and treasonous. Conley , Ernest Z. Central Intelligence Agency. Their discovery, however, did not make the front page news.

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Laos: Background and U.S. Relations. Congressional Research Service. Summary. The United States and the Lao People's Democratic. Laos: Background and U.S. Relations. Thomas Lum. Specialist in Asian Affairs. Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division. Summary.

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Laos, US unveil comprehensive partnership.

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