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Calibao is connected to the neighboring island of Sandingan through a regular boat service. Sandingan is linked to Bohol through a bridge. A boat trip to Calibao costs only 20 Pesos and 15 minutes from Bohol. These small boats carry seven passengers at a time. The island of Calibao is an amazing diving retreat. Surrounding the island is a coral reef which has a steep depth of an overwhelming 50 meters. The side of the island that faces Cebu is perhaps the most beautiful of all others and has two dive centers.

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In addition to the local dive tours, the island also hosts tours from Alona Beach and Cebu. You can routinely see such dive boats infront of the beach close to the surrounding reef. The visibility is always a good 30 meters and the marine life in these waters is immensely rich and diverse. Similar destinations View all dive destinations. Start Chat Reject Chat.

You can ride a tricycle to Cabagnow Cave Pool but you still have to walk to get to the entrance of the cave. The view of the cave is magical. It is embellished with stalactites and stalagmites forming beautiful rock formations.

An underground lake also awaits those who descend the Hinagdanan Cave. The temperature in the lake is tolerable and it will give you a very relaxing sensation afterwards.

Bohol Cheapest Tour P400 // Panglao Beach // Chocolate Hills // Loboc River// Pythons // Tarshier

To get to the Hinagdanan Cave, you either take a tricycle or a jeepney going to Dauis. Not only mouth-watering, Bohol Bee Farm also serves healthy dishes. Their meals are prepared with organically-grown vegetables from the farm so this is indeed the perfect place for the health-conscious travellers out there. The place is owned by Chef Vicky Wallace and it also serves as a livelihood for the locals in Dauis.

Aside from the farm and restaurant, the Bohol Bee Farm also has a resort where guests can do activities like a dolphin and whale-watching watching or simply dip into the two-tiered swimming pool.

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Located 92 kilometers east of Tagbilaran, these carved hills are said to be the most beautiful all over Bohol. If you just want a picturesque view on Instagram, this is a cheaper option than going to the Mountain Province, right? If you are from Tagbilaran, it will take you two hours to get to Candijay town. From Dao Terminal, take a bus going to Ubay. Get off at Lungsodaan public market and take a motorcycle going to Cadapdapan. However, the Sea of Clouds in Mt.

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Puntaas in Bohol is not visible all year round. It is only visible from September to January specifically before 8 am where the clouds are less dense. From Tagbilaran, take the 2 to 3 hours bus ride to Danao. Then take a motorcycle to Barangay Concepcion.

1. Chill out in El Nido, Palawan

Visiting the peak is for free. The tour starts late in the afternoon where you paddle your way to the deepest part of the forest and wait for the fireflies to appear in the night. If you want to make your tour eco-friendly and fun at the same time, you can also plant trees in the Bohol Biodiversity Complex. The Bohol Biodiversity Complex has organic vegetable gardens, farm animal sheds, greenhouse, reforestation area, and a lot more facilities— perfect for nature lovers.

Other things to do in Bohol is to visit the town of Loay. The Loay Ironsmith Tour offers the first-hand experience in metalwork through their metalwork workshop. The community is located in Loay, a distant town in Bohol where skilled blacksmiths reside. They mainly create tools for farmers. The Loay Ironsmith tour also offers a walk down the memory lane because ever since the town started, their metalworking practices remained the same despite the industrialization nowadays.

In this tour, tourists learn how to weave raffia bags and get to know the weaving community in Tubigon for 45 minutes or so.

31 Best Things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Getting to Tubigon is easy since there are lots of public vehicles traveling to that route. You can take a van or bus. You can also hire a jeepney if you want. The production of these tasty sweets is not as easy as you think it is. It goes through different processes that only the Boholanos can pull off. In this tour, you will witness how the kalamays are made. You can also take home some souvenirs like homemade malunggay noodles, virgin coconut oil, powdered ginger and a lot more.

In order to get the tour, tourists need to book in advance. For a no-brainer activity like this, it only takes you to appreciate and love nature as it is. The best thing about it is it comes for free!

Stop by the bridge that connects Mansasa, Tagbilaran to Dauis and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sun setting behind Panglao island. Just be sure that you come before or in time for the sunset. You can even find many affordable hotels in Tagbilaran City to stay for your trip.

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There are also tree top courses where you can swing and jump to raise your adrenaline. Bring your spirit of adventure! This is 3rd on my list of fun things to do in Bohol! Rate for the bike zipline is pesos per person. Also known as the Pahangog Twin Waterfalls, these two stand tall with clear water pouring from the top.

How to get to Bohol

Watching these brothers next to each other with the bluish-green lake on its feet is simply beautiful. Be careful though because the water is deep that there are ropes tied around the area where swimmers can hold on to. To get there, ride a bus or van going to Dimiao Public Market. Then, take a motorcycle to the jump-off point of Pahangog Twin Waterfalls. From the jump-off, you have to trek for at least 20 minutes to get to the waterfalls.

The entrance fee is for free. This watchtower in Maribojoc served a greater purpose during the pre-hispanic era. Basically, this was built to guard Bohol and the nearby island of Cebu from approaching invaders such as the Moro pirates. Now, tourists can spend their free time in the area to enjoy the shoreline of Maribojoc and the water of Bohol Strait. It is one other thing to do in Bohol too!

If you want to take your Bohol adventure underwater, snorkeling in Balicasag Island is a must. This island is one of the best diving and snorkeling spots because of its rich marine life. In fact, it was already declared as a marine sanctuary. There are two spots where you can start your underwater adventure. One is the Black Forest which is 40 meters deep and the other one is the Turtle Point which is 60 to 75 meters deep.

Whether you go diving or snorkeling, you can see barracudas, eels, and other colorful fishes. There are also sea turtles and different coral species that will surely entertain you. This is my top list for fun things to do in Bohol! How to get there? From Tagbilaran, you have to ride a van or tricycle to Alona Beach in Panglao. Then, ride a motorized boat to Balicasag Island which only takes 30 to 45 minutes.

While in Balicasag Island, you can find rental shops where you can rent snorkeling gears and underwater cameras. If you wondered how it would feel to have your breath literally taken away, or this your bucket list, then definitely try the plunge in Danao, Bohol. It is one of the most fun things to do in Bohol!

Being dangled above metres between beautiful cliffs and then released to plunge and swing between them is an adventure in itself. You will surely get the thrill of a lifetime with a free fall of about 3 seconds. You can check here to arrange for a private transfer to Danao, Bohol. How to get to Danao? Take a Jeep. Board the bus to Danao. Bus trips per day from Tagbilaran to Danao: Morning am, am, am, am Afternoon noon, pm, pm, pm, pm, pm and pm last trip. Some local airlines have multiple flights from Manila to Bohol via the newly opened Bohol Panglao Airport.

If you are from its neighboring island, Cebu, you can also buy an Oceanjet ticket from Cebu — Bohol which will take a 2-hour ferry ride to Tagbilaran. You can also take a fast craft from Cebu to Tubigon which costs cheaper than the ones going to Tagbilaran. You can also arrange a transfer from the seaport to any hotels in the city or Panglao Island — here.

Bohol has got a new airport which is located on the island of Panglao. The bus fare is 50 pesos and operates from AM to 6 PM and the bus leaves every 45 minutes. If you need help in planning your Bohol trip and want a Bohol itinerary, click the photo below for a sample. How many of these have you done? Did we miss anything on the list?